How extract .EF extension 

  • Date: 21 Sep 2018
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How extract .EF extension 

Now you can use EF File Extractor and extract .EF extension 
Download the tool from the link below

Notice! If a file asked for password please use EF File Extractor and extract .EF extension .



7- In new huawei flash files if you face failure in extract please remove the Brackets () from flash file name and move last extracted file to desktop

How to use idm to download EF files , and extract EF files with EF extractor .


Step1 : To extract .EF Without Password open EF File Extractor - click Extract File choose .EF file and will extract 

After download any file from Easy Firmware With .EF extension 

Step2 : Right click and choose Extract With EF File or open EF File Extractor and click Extract File


After done extract file will show file in new folder with same name File 

If have any problem you can download file without setup



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