EFT Pro Dongle update 4.8.0 is released

EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.7.8 [MTK Update AUTH Tecno&Infinix-Samsung New Model Added]

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Date 2024-07-15 21:54:23
Filesize 69.72 MB
Downloads 3037654

EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.8.0 Build 001 is released :

What's New :

- Added support for new Allwinner CPUs: A23, A33, A50, A64, A80, A100, A133. (First in the world)
- Features include Read Info, FRP, Format, and Flash.
- Experimental support (BETA) for A10, A13, A20 (use at your own risk).

- Added support for new Qualcomm models.
- Features include Read Info, FRP, Format, and Flash.

- Updated authentication and added FRP with Format for TECNO and Infinix 2024 Patch.
[Other Enhancements:]
- Automatic Driver Installation:
MTK, Qualcomm, SPD, Rockchip, Allwinner, Nokia MT62xx
- Updated user interface for improved usability.
- Added search option for easier device model selection.
- Introduced new themes: Dark, DarkGreen, Blue, BlueGray, Brown, Green.

Models Added:
- New models added for Allwinner and OPPO devices

- Interface improvements ongoing.
- Report bugs and provide suggestions for further enhancements

Added Models for Allwinner

Allwinner CPU A10
Allwinner CPU A13
Allwinner CPU A20

Allwinner CPU A23
Allwinner CPU A33
Allwinner CPU A50
Allwinner CPU A64
Allwinner CPU A80
Allwinner CPU A100
Multilaser M9S Go A100
Allwinner CPU A133

-Tad 30 Kids A133

-Sunstech TAB88QCBT A64

-Woxter N70 A64

-Ocu T8100 A100
-QLink Scepter 8 A100
-QLink Scepter 8 V4 A100
-QunyiCO Y7i Kids Tablet A100
-Turbo Kids Star A100
-R3 Teclast P80 A133
-Sky C3 IT 701 A133
-Tad 30 Kids A133
Added Models for OPPO:

• Oppo A12e (CPH1853)
• Oppo A3s (CPH1803)
• Oppo A3s (CPH1805)
• Oppo A5 (CPH1809)
• Oppo A7 (CPH1901)
• Oppo A7 (CPH1905)
• Realme 2 (RMX1805)
• Realme 2 (RMX1809)
• Realme C1 (RMX1811)

AllWinner A64 Format UserData & Patch Misc

AllWinner A100 Format UserData & Patch Misc

Previous Version EFT Pro Dongle Feature
New design and Easy menu
Support Forced BROM (method 1)
Support Forced BROM (method 2)
Support Forced BROM without Test Point
Support Samsung forced BROM (PIT Method)
Support write Huawei (UPDATE APP) firmware
Support write Samsung (TAR) firmware
Support write Oppo/Realme (OFP) firmware
Support write EMMC Dump firmware
Support Vivo MT6765 PreLoader
Support direct unlock network MTK (BROM)
Support (Vivo) Disable MDM lock Supported for (2020 to Up)
Support (Vivo) Disable MDM lock Supported for (2019)
Support (Vivo) Disable MDM lock Supported for (Y15S PD2140EF)
Support (Vivo) Disable demo mode
Support (Vivo) Disable orange msg
Support (Vivo) Restore orange msg
Update Samsung Disable MDM Lock
Update Samsung change KG
Update Oppo disable MDM lock
Support Security 2022/2023 for MTK
Support Device for MTK devices
Support Device (MTK) Factory Reset/FRP Reset/Write Firmware
Update Write Samsung (TAR) Firmware
Device (MTK) Factory Reset/FRP
Fix Tool Dl Image Fail
Reset Frp Lock WriteFile
Protocol For MTK (V6)
Protocol MTK Devices Read Info / Flash / Format / FRP
Free Auth Tecno / Infinix / itel
Support Models on V6 Protocol Infinix / Tecno
Added Repair IMEI Generic (MT67XX) BROM
Added Repair Network Security 2020/2021 BROM
Added Repair Network Security 2022 BROM
Added Read IMEI
Added backup with CID number for MTK operations
Added Forced BROM SAMSUNG Download Mode
Added OPPO MT6771 Auth Free
Added Samsung Auth Free
Samsung Galaxy Wide5(SM-E426S) Auth Free
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G(SM-A136) Auth Free
Samsung Galaxy A22(SM-A225) Auth Free
Samsung Galaxy F42 (SM-E426)Auth Free
Added new DEVICE for mtk protocol (v6)
Update GENERIC MTK 2023
Added META Read Info All MTK CPU
Added META Factory Reset All MTK CPU
Added META Factory Reset MT62XX
Added META Repair IMEI All MTK CPU
Added in META Mode ( Infinix - Tecno - Itel ) All Model With Auth
Added MTK Preloader
Added SAMSUNG Brom Models NEW
Added META Read Info
Added META Factory Reset Direct (INFINIX-TECNO-ITEL)
Added Enable/Disable Backup
Direct Factory Reset (INFINIX-TECNO-ITEL)

Support models apove 200+ model
Factory reset and FRP Reset
Added write PAC firmware for All SPD
Enter diag mode 2 methods
Read info and IMEI in diag mode
Factory reset in Diag mode ALL mode
Added RSA AUTH Itel/Tecno/Infinix/Realme and more
Added Spd Fix Wireless Test Assistant
Added New Device (SPD) Factory reset/FRP Reset/Write Firmware PAC
Read Info
Reset FRP/Factory Reset
Unlock Bootloader
Relock Bootloader
Added Info Boot Mode
Added Read Flash /Format Disk /Write Disk
Added Network Unlock Boot Mode
Added Repair IMEI Boot Mode
Added Remove MDM Boot Mode
Added New Boot SPD V2

Fix Exynos Boot (Beta)
Bypass Knox Samsung Adb
Bypass Knox Samsung MTP
Remove FRP Direct (MTP) 2023
Enable ADB With Call Emergency #0#.
Remove KG Lock Direct (MTP)
Translate ADB Android 13

Enable Diag Mode Without Root
Added New List (Qualcomm New)
Added list Service For (Factory Reset /FRP )
Added list Service For (Factory Reset Oppo /FRP Oppo )
-Qualcomm device support automatic loader
-Support for Qualcomm devices. Select the model
Device Support for Qualcomm devices
Device (Qualcomm) Factory Reset/FRP
Qualcomm Protocol Update To Support More Devices And Brands
Fixed Read Chip Info Oppo Reno Devices
Unlock ID (Huawei)
Reset FRP/UserData Use Firmware (Vivo/Other)
Device Support for Qualcomm devices
Device (Qualcomm) Factory Reset/FRP
Added Read flash
Added Repair Chip damaged (Huawei)
Update Remove ID (Huawei)
Fix OLD loader

Generate Activation files ios 15.x/16.x (IPHONE/IPAD) (Without Change SN)
FIX Boot Passcode/Hello IOS 15.x/16.x (IPAD/IPhone)
FIX Mount Passcode/Hello IOS 11.x Up 16.x
Read Account From Backup Folder
Boot Passcode/Hello IOS 11.x Up 16.x One Click
Change Test Signed Drivers to ON
Read iDevice Info (Recovery Mode)
Automatic Active Backup Restore built-in with One Click
supported by recovery and supported by DFU
Save info to txt file when Backup or reading from a file
Restore Passcode with Disable Update/Reset
Add option to format or restart if backup completes
Ipwnder restart in case of failure
Restore by bypass Setup and disabling Update
Added (Jailbreak) Backup Apple with Info
Added Disable Update/Reset/Skip Setup (One Click)
Added Disable Update/Reset/Skip Setup Ramdisk/HELLO

[ Rockchip ]
Update Read/Write Flash
Factory Reset & Frp

More Come Soon ...

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