Board Software. Huawei. All In One

  • Date: 14 Oct 2018
  • Publisher: Easy-Team
  • Category: Huawei

Flashing Board Software All In One



1.1 Overview

1.2 Running Environment

1.3 Configuration Requirements

2 Setting Up the Download Environment

2.1 Preparation

2.2 USB MAP Configuration

2.3 Viewing the Information About USB Virtual Serial Ports and ADB Devices

3 GUI Description of the IDT

3.1 Main GUI 

3.2 Menu Bar

3.3 Toolbar

3.4 Workspace Window

3.5 Download Window

3.6 Output Window

4 Using the IDT in Normal Mode

4.1 Preparation 

4.2 Configuring the IDT

4.3 Downloading Images

5 Using the IDT in Laboratory Mode

5.1 Notes 

5.2 Procedure

6 FAQs

6.1 IDT Does Not Start Downloading After TEs Are Connected

6.2 ADB Download Mode Is Not Supported After the Bootloader Is Downloaded Over a Virtual Serial Port

6.3 ADB Download Partition Does Not Exist or Data Amount Is Too Large


Figure 1-1 Running environment of loading the images

Figure 2-1 Setting up the Usbloader startup address .

Figure 2-2 Incorrect Usbloader startup address

Figure 2-3 Importing fastboot.img as the Usbloader .

Figure 2-4 Displaying the information about a virtual serial port

Figure 2-5 Displaying the information about an ADB device

Figure 2-6 Marking the faulty USB port

Figure 2-7 Information about ADB devices and eight USB virtual serial ports

Figure 2-8 Registration information about USB virtual serial ports and ADB devices

Figure 3-1 Merging images 

Figure 4-1 Main GUI

Figure 4-2 File menu

Figure 4-3 Operation menu

Figure 4-4 View menu

Figure 4-5 Help menu

Figure 4-6 Toolbar

Figure 4-7 Workspace window

Figure 4-8 Downloading not started

Figure 4-9 TE being connected

Figure 4-10 Images being downloaded

Figure 4-11 Images downloaded successfully

Figure 4-12 Image downloading failure

Figure 4-13 Image downloading stopped

Figure 4-14 Output window

Figure 5-1 Password dialog box

Figure 5-2 Changing the password

Figure 5-3 Download Setting dialog box

Figure 5-4 Loading images

Figure 5-5 Preparing to burn

Figure 5-6 Downloading images (four TEs connect to USB ports 1–4 synchronously ).

Figure 5-7 Images downloaded successfully.

Figure 5-8 Image downloading failure

Figure 7-1 Failure to switch the ADB download mode


Table 1-1 Function description

Table 4-1 Function description of the main GUI of the IDT

Table 4-2 Functions of the File menu item

Table 4-3 Functions of Operation menu items

Table 4-4 Functions of Help menu items

Table 4-5 Functions of shortcut icons

Table 4-6 Functions of items on the Workspace shortcut menu

Table 5-1 Configuration items